AP Youth

Wednesdays @ 6PM

6th-12th Grade


Consider this our front door. These nights are the starting point of everything we do at Anchor Point Youth, and we do them big. These services are designed specifically for your student to engage them with powerful worship, a message that will help them right where they’re at, food, games, giveaways, and more fun than we can list here. United Nights are filled with energy, excitement, and Jesus! We want your student to leave inspired about the plan God has for their life. These services take place on the 1st Wednesday of every month. But sometimes it may be hard for a student to connect in such a big environment, so we also offer…


Some students may find it hard to connect in a big environment such as our United Nights. That’s where group nights come in. These nights provide a more relational environment for students to grow in their faith. It’s all about connection and conversation. Group Nights are how most students grow best in their relationship with God and others. And they happen three weeks out of the month (2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks of every month). Middle School and High School meet separately at the church. Doors open at 6pm at Anchor Point Church.


Lastly, Hangout Nights. If United Nights are the front door, and Group Nights are the living room, then Hangout Nights are the backyard barbecues. It’s an opportunity for those who are connected to invite those who aren’t. Hangout Nights are centered around one central theme that is RELEVANT to every student. Hangout Nights happen four to six times per year.

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Teaching God’s Word in a way that will help each student right where they are is first and foremost. God’s Word has answers for anything we may face in life, and inspiring students to become passionate about God’s plan for them is what we aim to do.


Students are all about relationships and so are we! We are intentional about building relationships with students that will last far beyond high school. And through relationships we are able to help students walk out their faith in their everyday lives.


We are passionate about what students are passionate about. From football to theater, we love supporting students in our community.