Who We Are

Anchor Point Church exists to help people anchor their lives to Jesus. Our doors are open to anyone and everyone, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey. You will find Anchor Point to be a place where you are warmly welcomed and feel at home, even if you’ve never stepped foot in a church before. During our services we have powerful upbeat music, and present the timeless truths of God’s Word in compelling and easy to understand formats.

Our History

Anchor Point Church was founded in 2010 as Christian Life Church by Pastor Todd Forrest and his wife, Avery. We originally met in a YMCA, but God had much bigger plans. Within a year, we moved to a larger facility to accommodate those who were attending, because the YMCA wasn’t big enough to contain what God was doing.We continued to grow and pursue the call of God to BE THE CHURCH, and not just go to church. We have fed thousands of people, funded missionaries around the world, and have seen hundreds of people anchor their lives to Jesus. As we have grown, we decided to change our name to fit our mission. We have used the terminology of “anchoring people to Jesus” all along, so it was only right to take on a name that suited that cause, Anchor Point Church. Our main purpose is to help people anchor their lives to Jesus. This is who we are.


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Our Pastor

Pastor Todd Forrest and his wife Avery started Anchor Point Church in 2010 with a vision to BE the church, not to just go to church. Todd is a passionate communicator of the Gospel and loves to preach God’s Word and its practical applications to our everyday life.


Weekends at Anchor Point are a celebration, and we want you to feel at home. Come in to a welcoming atmosphere and grab some coffee. Services last around 65 minutes. We also have dynamic and fun environments for your children to learn about God at their own pace.

Family Ministries

We exist to equip the next generation, not oppose them. Every service is designed with you and your children in mind. On Sunday, there are environments available from birth through 5th grade. On Wednesday nights, our Anchor Point Youth meet. No matter what stage of life, your student can learn on their own level.


Feel free to browse our message archive. You can watch full message videos, or simply listen to the audio. Message notes are provided for every message and you will find topics from marriage to overcoming bad days. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re confident God’s Word contains wisdom for it. So just click the button below to get started.